Zomz: Writing Sample

Zomz is a work-in-progress and all you see here is subject to iteration.


Zomz is a single player, strategy based, story driven game where the player can control Zombies. In Zomz, we explore the beginnings of what control love and hate have over us.

“Zomz takes place five years after the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. You will play as an ex-Ghanaian Armed Forces Officer, Abraham Adu, who leads his family into a madman’s refugee camp where the compromise for safety begins with surrendering his freedom.”

Role: Narrative Designer & Writer


  • Organized and participated in brainstorming design sessions.
  • Researched Virology, Epidemiology, and Disease Ecology in order to create our own original Zombie virus/parasite. Organized and participated in brainstorming design sessions.
  • Organized and participated in brainstorming design sessions.
  • Composed and iterated a 40+ page script which contains the cutscene throughout the entire game.
  • Created dynamic narrative design that spans across 22+ Characters that show up throughout the entire game.
  • Characterized character vernacular based on their origins, desires, needs, lies, and fears.
  • Created quests pertaining to the main plot of the Episode One game, the main plot of the entire Zomz franchise and sub-plots which are relevant to just Episode One and also some that are relevant across multiple planned games.
  • Documented and organized research in a way that allows us to implement research in game, so that the players can experience self-revelation moments and undiscovered the truth by themselves.

Materials & Downloads

Screenshots of Twine Narrative HUB Design

*Due to difficulty importing the Twine HTML file for the Narrative Design on this page, please accept my apologies and please accept these screenshots of the narrative design in it’s place. I’d be more than happy to show any interested party the actual HTML file upon request or in a more formal setting. Thank you.

Software & Hardware


  • Articy; Draft 3
  • Celtx
  • Final Draft
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Twine


  • N/A

Check out the Design Process Here